Pump Overhaul Services

About Us

Forward Science Pte Ltd was established in September 2013 through the Joint Venture of several veteran semiconductor companies.  It was an extension of Forward Science Corporation (Taiwan) in Singapore to provide a good alternative for pump overhaul services to customers in SE Asia


The pump overhaul services that we specialize in our local facilities includes Ebara and Edward pump; other pump brands such as Alcatel, Kashiyama and Ulvac are also available upon request.


We also provide refurbished pumps of various model as well as consumable items such as DuPont performance lubricants and accessories for pump maintenance usage.


Standard Overhaul

• Initial testing for all modules and pump appearance (modules and appearance replacements are not included in standard overhaul)

• Pump disassembling, inspect all components

• Ultrasonic cleaning, parts sandblasting and polishing

• Pump assembling, only Bearing, O-ring, Seal, Oil and Sleeve replacements are free of charge, other parts replacements incur additional costs

1-1 Exchange (Standard O/H VS. Turnkey)

1-1 Exchange means that FSS will provide a pump with the same model in good conditions to exchange with the faulty pump during the repairing period and exchange it back after repairing.

·       1-1 Exchange with Standard O/H

        Same repairing services will be provided as standard overhaul

·       1-1 Exchange with Turnkey

Turnkey means that FSS will be responsible to all damaged parts replacements and no extra charges required.