Non-Contact Optical and AFM Metrology



Fries Research & Technology GmbH (FRT) offers 3D surface metrology system for research and production. The main activities are the development, production and worldwide distribution of measurement equipment and software for metrology measurement of surfaces with the highest resolution. Supplemented by customer-related services there is a holistic range of services and economical products that can be customized to provide customer solutions.

FRT surface measuring systems are characterized by:
  • measurement of the surface topography
  • roughness
  • profile measurement
  • measurement of film thickness
  • use of optical sensors
  • optional use of AFM
  • multi-sensor capability
  • complete automation of the measurement as well as the data analysis
We offer 3 series of surface measuring systems:
FRT MicroSpy®
FRT MicroProf®
FRT MicroGlider®
FRT MicroScope WLI
FRT MFE FrontEnd