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SFM3  /  3rd Generation  /  Smart Flip Chip Machine




Hanwha Techwin has developed advanced technology for electronic & mechanical design, process, and production with high speed and accuracy, leveraging the technical expertise of developing and producing jet engines, industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, and opto-electronic machines. Based on these technologies, we develop provide high-speed equipment, next generation equipment corresponding to package process, and multi-functional instruments with the highest reilability and productivity.
Keeping pace with the current trends of semiconductor package process, we provide chip mounters for assembling PCBs necessary for high performance electronic products and communication instruments with light weight, thin profiles, and small sizes. We also offer SMT total solution, as well as semiconductor assembly equipment including automatic ball bonders and beam lead bonders.
The main purpose of the web site is to provide information for you, the customers, not only those currently using our SMT/WB, but also those interested in Hanwha's SMT/WB. WE set up the efficient dialogue windows to offer information on new product and technology.