Main products are Spray Coater, Spin Coater , Developer System. These products are widely used in Semiconductor Advanced Packaging, 3D-IC, TSV, MEMS, LED, OLED etc.





Kingsemi Co. Ltd. is a specialized supplier engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of semiconductor equipments, and founded in 2002 with the initiation of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The main products of Kingsemi are spin coater, developer, spray coater, cleaner, single wafer wet etching equipment and etc., which are widely used in the areas of IC manufacture, advanced packaging,MEMS, LED,OLED,3D-TSV,Solar Energy and etc., and can meet the requirements of ¢ 200 mm, 0.25 μm former process and the ¢ 300 mm thick films advanced packaging process.
Kingsemi has professional development, manufacture and sales teams, high-class clean room, and modern office environment, and has obtained certificates of ISO9001,ISO14000,OHSAS18000 and SEMI-S2. We have set up branch office in Shanghai, and equipped with a rapid response team for sales and technical service. Our products have been widely used in the domestic semiconductor and LED areas.