YES-ÉcoCoat Vapor Phase Deposition System



1. In MEMS applications:
CVD films are typically self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) with very low work of adhesion and are used as anti-stiction coatings.
2. In Nanoimprint Lithography applications:
CVD films are used as an adhesion layer between the polymer and the substrate.
CVD films are used as very thin and conformal release layers between the stamp and polymer materials.
3. In Inkjet applications:
CVD films are used to prevent ink accumulation on the nozzle face plate to ensure unrestricted ink flow.
4. In Bio-MEMS applications:
Hydrophilic and biocompatible CVD films can be used to improve wetting or to prevent protein absorption.
5. In Biotechnology applications:
CVD films are used to create surface anchors for subsequent coatings.

Main Features:

Surface Modification to Promote Adhesion(APTES, GPS, OTS…), Surface Modification to Prevent Adhesion(FDTS, FOTS…), Low-k Dielectric Repair(HMDS)
              Standard Certification:

              8 cassettes 100mm - 150mm wafers
              2 cassettes 200mm wafers
              1 cassette 300mm wafers
              (1 cassette = 25 wafers)


              1. RF Plasma Frequency: 40 KHz
              2. RF Plasma Power: 100-1000 Watts
              3. Operation Temperature: Ambient to 205 °C
              4. Uniformity: ± 1.5 °C during dwell after stabilization period
              5. Chemical Usage: Typical process 0.1 - 3 ml
              6. Chemical Volume Control: Control down to 0.1 ml
              7. Process Gas Inputs: 1
              8. Plasma Gas Inputs: 3
              9. Vent Gas Consumption: 10 SCF run average
              10. Reactant Gas Consumption: 4.2 X 10-3 SCF (based on standard process: 170°C @ 1000W w/20 SCFM pump)